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To make an appointment with an advisor, log onto Blackboard (, click on “UASuccess” on the top right corner, and select your preferred advisor on the top, left-hand side.

(If you are not currently listed as a Fulbright student: Click on “Success Network” on top left corner, go to the second page and click on “Advising: J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences”, and select the appropriate advisor from the list (it may take the list a moment to appear).

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Trevor Francis, Director
Old Main 518
Phone: 479-575-3307

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Monday through Friday

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appt with an Advisor?

Why do I have a hold on my account and how will it be removed?

You may have account holds for a number of reasons; missing medical records, unpaid tuition or fines, or simply because you’re required to meet with an Advisor. If the latter is true, you’ll need to contact us to set up an appointment.

What can I do with my major?

Not sure what to do? Explore the opportunities available for each degree. Visit the Career Development Center website to find out just what you can do with that major.

How do I get into a full class?

You will need to directly contact the faculty/instructor or the department’s office.

How long do I have to drop a course?

The dates for every semester are different! Make sure you check out the Academic Calendar for a detailed list.

How can I take an online course?

You’ll need to check out the U of A’s Global Campus website.

How can I change my major?

Schedule a visit with us or drop by Old Main 518!

Where can I find 8-week courses?

The listing for all courses can be found on ISIS.

Do courses I take at another institution count toward my UA gpa?

Negative Ghost rider. Any grade earned at another institution WILL NOT apply to your UA GPA.

ISIS is telling me I need a permission number, what does that mean?

It means you’ll need to get consent from the department in order to take the class.

What is an elective? Do you keep a list of electives?

An elective is any class not required for your selected degree or major. A complete list of classes can be found in the Catalog of Studies.

How do I reset my password?


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